Benefits of Getting an Accredited University Degree

As online education becomes a highly popular mode of education, students around the world must learn the important facts about the accreditation process and benefits of accreditation.

More and more brick-and-mortar universities in Central America hold AUPRICA accreditation and the purpose is that their online available courses and programs will acquire the same stature, respect, and value.

Once the institution is accredited by an accreditation body, it becomes liable to uphold the status by maintaining the education quality and is thus required to make the availability of accreditation review once in a while by the accreditation body.

Internationally accredited universities like the ones that are accredited by AUPRICA strive to provide a high quality of education by keeping abreast of the new and updated curriculum, updated faculty, and new financial aid programs.

Benefits of Accreditation

Let us now quickly go through the benefits that accredited institutes like AUPRICA-accredited universities offer their students. Check also this post: What can I do with a degree in Project Management?

High-Quality Education

Accreditation is the ultimate way of monitoring, evaluating, and assessing the quality of the education provided by an institute. Accreditation provides new students, returning students, and families of students the trust and belief that the education they are paying for is valuable and worth their time, money, and effort.

Accreditation also indicates that an institution meets high educational standards set by the accreditation organization, in terms of curriculum, faculty, administration, financial well-being, libraries, and student services. This is evident in the case of an AUPRICA-accredited university that offers up-to-date curricula, financial help programs, and the best possible student and alumni services.

Financial Help

Like in the rest of the world, Central American governments rely on accreditation institutions to set up quality assurance by awarding suitable types of accreditation status after a successful review of the institution’s characteristics. Federal (and often state) financial help is available only to students who enroll at a college, university, or other institution of higher learning that has been accredited by an accrediting body.

AUPRICA-accredited universities provide the best financial help to all students without any geographical or other considerations. Financial aid includes scholarship programs, loan programs, and other fee-reducing methods.

Credit Transfer

At some point during their education, many students transfer to a new institution. Usually, students wish to transfer the course credits they have already accumulated to the new college or university in order to avoid studying those courses again to save time and money.

Accreditation is an important factor when a college or university is deciding about credit transfer. Most colleges and universities do not accept transferred course credits from an unaccredited school.

As internationally accredited institutions, AUPRICA-accredited universities accept credits from similarly accredited institutions, allowing students to opt for easy and hassle-free transfers.

Professional Success

Employers also warmly welcome degrees awarded by accredited institutions. Students who have accredited and recognized degrees easily find jobs with large and renowned multinationals, unlike those who have acquired their degrees from unaccredited or unknown institutions. AUPRICA-accredited university graduates are employed by reputed companies all across Central America and the rest of the world.