Smart Choice For Your Future – An Online Accredited Degree

As the expenses of traditional higher education continue to get higher, also in Central America, more and more students are choosing to pursue online degrees. And as the offerings of online degree programs continue to expand and improve, employers are beginning to have a greater regard for online degrees. We can see that more and more AUPRICA-accredited universities in Central America are offering their programs and courses over the internet as well. To learn more, check out this interesting video as well:

Recent reports indicate public awareness of online education is improving, along with the quality of online colleges, which has helped boost legitimacy for online degrees for employers. That value continues to rise as employers become more familiar with online degrees, which are turning up more and more frequently on applications. A report by Reuters showed that the online education sector grew 13% last year and that almost a quarter of students enrolled in at least some online college classes.

CNBC recently reported that online schooling is becoming more important and accepted in today’s society. A force to be reckoned with, online colleges even play a key role in a government’s plans to expand access to higher education, to which the greatest barrier is cost. The U.S. Department of Education reported this year that certain types of online learning (or blended learning) are actually better than face-to-face learning alone, which sets some online programs apart. This also applies to a growing number of Central American universities.

Choosing an AUPRICA-accredited university that offers both on-campus and online programs is the most important way to make sure your online degree is respected in the job market. It is important for students to understand that online colleges are accredited ensuring the college is giving students a quality education. That means any nationally accredited online college can offer you the same quality and credibility that you can find an international college.

AUPRICA-accredited universities provide internationally accredited degrees to students which increases their employability prospects. So while some employers may still be skeptical about online degrees, you can rest assured that with AUPRICA accreditation and the growing respect and emphasis amongst online universities, an online degree is still a smart choice for your future.

Supplement Your Existing Accreditation

Your educational degree, diploma, or certificate is only considered valuable if it is accredited. The reason is simple: accreditation certifies that the institute is following the educational standards being practiced globally. There are several accrediting bodies that grant accreditation status to educational institutions all over the world. AUPRICA grants accreditation to universities in Central American countries. The process of earning accreditation is rigorous as the institution is evaluated at all levels—from its educational system to academic management to curriculum and faculty.

In the U.S., educational institutes usually fall under regional accreditation, national accreditation, or international accreditation. Students often harbor the misperception that a degree from a regionally accredited institution has a lower value than the one earned from an internationally accredited university. However, this is not true. All three types of accreditations carry equal importance as they signify that the degree you have earned is from an institution that has met all educational and organizational requirements. If you want to learn more about the accredited online GED prep course designed by Onsego, check out this article.

There is a misconception that a higher degree of international accreditation has a sweeping effect on regional accredited degrees. In fact, having both regional and international accreditation degrees in your hands makes a much more powerful profile. Some of the students who have done regionally accredited degrees have a misconception that if they go for higher education with an internationally accredited degree, their profiles will enhance.