Medical School Scholarships

Medical education has always been a very competitive arena, and this post is actually for students who want to study in the United States. All across the world, also in Central America, the demand for medical graduates is increasing steadily, more so with growing instances of illnesses and subsequent healthcare requirements.

However, getting into medical school is a tough ask, mainly because of the competition and because of the high level of intellect required to gain admission into these courses.  You really do need to be among the best and smartest to get through the system. Once you do, however, the opportunities are aplenty. As for the financial part of it, there are lots of medical school scholarships and grants that help students get through the grind and become a boon to the society.

Informed decision making and research will not only help candidates understand grants, scholarships and opportunities for financial aid in a much better way but also help dispel misconceptions about the process. Many students of medicine think that they’re not eligible for many forms of support and aid, and this applies particularly to students from Central America, even when their previous courses are properly accredited. Several students assume that applying for a grant will not only be time-consuming, but also futile. The truth is, the financial aid and grant process is one of the most important steps that you’ll take towards getting yourself some financial relief in medical college.

Obtaining financial aid and medical scholarship might be a daunting task and the best place for students to start is at FAFSA or Free Application for Student Aid. This gives a broad outline of all available medical scholarships, grants, federal assistance programs and can be a good source of information for both undergraduate and graduate medical students. Life in medical school might not be the easiest, but with the various opportunities for monetary support and scholarship available, financial restrictions will not daunt the students from pursuing their goal. A select list of medical school scholarships is mentioned below with guidelines and eligibility criteria.

The Scott A. Gunder, DCMS, MD Presidential Scholarship

A $1,500 grant is awarded to a second-year healthcare /medical student at Penn State College of Medicine. For eligibility, the candidate must be a true bonafide Pennsylvania resident for at least 12 months before registering as a medical student. This does not including the time spent attending an undergraduate or graduate school in Pennsylvania. The candidate must be a second-year healthcare student and must be a registered regular at Penn State College of Medicine. He or she must account to the Pennsylvania Medical Community and county healthcare society. Membership in this society is free.

In addition, the candidate must publish and submit a complete program form and two referrals letters from individuals other than close relatives in order to showcase the candidate’s reliability, cultural abilities and potential as an upcoming physician. A letter, written on the school letterhead from Penn State College of Medication, confirming that he/she is a registered regular and is a second-year healthcare student is also essential. Also required is a typed, one-page article explaining the person or event that most affected the applicant to become a doctor and how he sees himself in the medical field.

Nellie Martin Carman Medical Scholarship Funds

Applicants for the Nellie Martin Carman medical Scholarships must be graduating seniors from a public high school in the county of Pierce, King, or Snohomish in Washington State, in the year of appointment. He must necessarily be a United States citizen and plan to attend a college or graduate medical school in the state of Washington on a full-time basis.

Application forms are only available through high schools in the counties mentioned and applicants for the grant or scholarship are nominated by their respective schools each year. High schools obtain the guidelines and application forms each year by 10th of January and have a deadline of 1stof March to submit their candidates’ completed applications by mail. The Maximum award is $2,000. The scholarship is renewable during the four years of college education in the State of Washington. Approximately thirty awards are provided each year depending on the funds available.

Armed with relevant information, students who are interested in studying medicine can make the best use of the many scholarship programs available in the US and gain huge relief from expenses related to education. Money no longer has to be the wall between you and your career aspirations to be a doctor.