Onsego GED Prep helped me pass GED Math

To keep my job, I still needed to get my GED, but every time I took the math subtest, I failed but just by a few points!

I already passed the Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies portions, but Math seemed to be too much for me. All the time. I already tried it three times but failed just as many times, and I was getting a bit desperate, as you will understand.

Then last year, a friend of mine pointed my attention to the GED® prep course developed by Onsego. You can buy the entire GED course or just one GED subject.

So this past September, I bought the online GED Math course from Onsego. The content is nicely structured and comes with numerous video lessons and practice tests that covered all GED Math topics.

To make a long story short, I passed Math in December! Now I’ve got my GED, and I can keep my job. That makes me the happiest woman in the world!

But I have to be honest. If it wasn’t for the GED Calculator Course offered by Onsego, I guess I would still have been struggling to pass the math section. The Onsego course teaches you how to solve most math by simply using the GED Scientific calculator!

So, I took the Onsego Math course, and apart from the Calculator Course, the biggest help was the fact that the video lessons explained everything in a clear and understandable way. The course also included pretty clear transcripts and explanations on all GED topics and Math problems.

The Math portion includes video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes that cover all Math topics that you will encounter on the GED exam. All topics are explained in a clear and straightforward way, and I dare say that this GED course is a must-have for all GED hopefuls.

I was actually very impressed with the online resources I got, and after all that I had gone through to pass the GED Math test, I never had the impression that I would need additional math lessons or practice tests, or more explanation.

In the past, I checked out some other online GED courses, but I don’t really have that much experience with online GED prep courses, but I didn’t come across a course that was more clear or more comprehensive than this Onsego course.

Was also pleasantly surprised was the course ‘Test-Taking Strategies’ that explained so much about how you can reach far better scores if you have the right tactics, the right strategy!

The lessons in the Test-Taking Strategies section make clear that the GED test has much to do with logic and simplicity. You learn all about testing techniques and how to best approach problems. These techniques are relatively simple but highly effective, intuitive strategies.

But, as I said before, the best part was that they taught me how to use the GED Scientific Calculator in a way that I was able to solve most Math problems by simply using the GED Calculator efficiently and effectively! Now, I might even consider attending a university or college in North America! Who knows what the future has in store for me …

The only calculator that you can use on the GED exam is the TI-30 XS. And what I learned is that I could solve most Math problems not by understanding the matter but by using the TI-30 XS in the right way!

Sure, you need to understand the basic principles of Math, the basic four operations, and so on, but if you learn how to operate your calculator efficiently, you will pass the GED Math portion. No doubt about it!

So now I’ve got my GED diploma, and you can get hold of your GED too; even if Math causes you so much pain. If I can, I’m sure you can. This Onsego course is so amazing; it will allow you to earn your GED as well.

Juanita Mendez